More Testimonials


“My son Cole has always been gifted with a busy mind. When he was small he loves to make experiments or simply put his toys together creating something out from it. In his previous school, he lost that passion. He often complained that school is boring. But in Abba’s Orchard School (AOS), Cole forgot about how he felt in his old school. In less than a year he discovered a lot of things.

I cannot forget how happy he was on his first day in AOS . After learning about the parts of a leaf, they were told to go out to look at it themselves. He just can’t stop telling me "I love my new school."

- Chelo Fortich, mother of Alexa, Cole & Madie. Abba’s Orchard Farm Campus Bukidnon


“From their Montessori days until today, they have been consistent with their love for books, their love for learning and their concern for others in the community.

Yes, they learned to be competitive but they compete the Montessori way. It was never to outdo others but to consistently strive for self-improvement so they can outdo themselves. We will always be grateful to our Abba’s Orchard Montessori School family.”

- Josephine Facundo, mother of Rica and Leon, wrote this testimony after the family moved from Abba's Orchard Davao to Los Baños, Laguna. The entire family has moved to Canada since then.


"For a year, Iya went to a traditional school and we slowly noticed that her interest in academics was not as passionate as when she was in Abba’s Orchard. It is because of this that we re-enrolled her to Abba’s the following year."

Indeed we attribute our kids’ curiosity to the things they learn in school. But more than this, we are more than grateful to the teachers of Abba’s Orchard for continuing to inspire our kids to learn."

- Jen Baysa, mom of Iya and Andie, Abba's Orchard Blue Ridge Quezon City Campus


"Our daughter Ysa had six years of Montessori education and we are very pleased with the foundation Abba’s Orchard Davao laid - both academically and socially. We feel the Montessori Method prepared her well for the traditional learning environment. Now on her second year in a traditional school, she had adapted very well, excelling in academics and continuing to pursue her interest in writing and music. Ysa plays the flute in the school band, she’s a member of the choir, writes articles for the school paper and is into creative writing with a short story soon to be published in the anthology of the Poetry Institute of Canada.

We are thankful that Ysa was introduced into the Montessori Method through Abba’s Orchard Davao early and developed the love for lifelong learning and cultivated the attitude of pursuing excellence in everything she does."

- Dr. Anne Echavia, mother of Ysa, together with the whole family has migrated to Canada.


"Given that I’m already old and naturally had been into countless learning environments, I thought that whatever my children learn at school at their pre-school level will just amuse but never strike a very significant note to me. To this I was mistaken, for the whole experience has humbled my belief.

The irony of it all was it was me who was awestruck by such foundational yet such effective learning experience through the Montessori method and materials."

- Aldin and Nora Belican, Abba’s Orchard Cagayan de Oro City


"By using the materials the way the school uses them to present ideas, you can experience all forms of learning: visual, touch, motion...a student can use their natural strengths to master the lesson."

- Harold Kelleher, Abba’s Orchard Davao