What The Graduates Say


Never Less Than...

Evee Raypon

Class of 2013
Ateneo de Manila University
Interdisciplinary Studies

"The best thing about the Abba’s Orchard is that it is not solely a school where you get an education – it’s where you get a reality check."

It may seem ‘sheltered’ as people around me have said, but I would like to test that judgment by saying, “What is so sheltered about having to go to the wet market every Saturday to shop and then cook for the entire community that week because it’s your turn in the kitchen? What is so sheltered about having to interact with people older than you every single day as opposed to seeing them in the halls for two minutes, where they hardly even recognize you? What is so sheltered about dealing with business where you have to face the possibility of economic loss ? ” Read More...


Learning to Learn

Concon Cabrera

Class of 2010
UP Diliman
Speech Communication
Cum Laude

"How did The Abba’s Orchard help me? I feel like that word "help" is too weak to even grasp what the school has given me. I’ve studied at The Abba’s Orchard ever since I learned to walk."

In regards to academics, I can’t really complain about it because it’s probably what got me into the university I am in.Read More...


Behind Mom's Legs

Marika Tan

Class of 2012
Xavier University
BS Accountancy
Full Academic Scholar
(Marika was top 10% in the 2013 UPCAT)

"The Abba's Orchard made me a lot more confident. I used to be extremely shy as a child -- I wouldn't look people in the eye, I would give only one-word answers when people talked to me, and meeting new people got me really worked up."

My uncle even told me just recently that when I was a child, he would worry about my future and how I would be as an adult, considering how I would hide behind my mom's leg whenever I was with her and there are other people around. Read More...


Second Nature

Lorenzo Ang

Class of 2010
Senior Year
Ateneo de Manila University
Computer Science

"The Abba’s Orchard is not just a school, it's a community — one that takes care of its members and makes sure everyone gets to contribute."

Students are regularly shuffled between managing the kitchen, cleaning up the environment, or maintaining the farm. With all of these chores plus my academic workload, it was definitely a challenge to make sure I did everything on time. Read More...


Grow Books

Kariza Go

Class of 2008
(top ten of graduating batch)
Xavier University
BS Business Administration
Now works as Management Understudy
J. Co Donut and Coffee Chain

"Even though I’ve only been with the Abba’s Orchard for two years in high school, I can honestly say the school has contributed to my growth in becoming a mature and God-fearing individual."

Not only did the teachers do an awesome job with the academic lessons, they also helped me in terms of character and personal development. Read More...


Saying No

Kendra Uy

Class of 2012
De La Salle University

"Abba’s has taught us many things but the things that I took with me were the ones that, I thought, count the most: excellence, strength, responsibility, confidence and balance in who I am as a person."

Even at a young age, the Abba’s Orchard taught me that one of the most important things that matters is that I must strive for excellence, be it in the little things I do or in the big projects I take on. Read More...